• What does the Easy Listing Uploader do?
    Easy Listing Uploader is an Application that helps Etsy Sellers to List their Products (New & Existing) much quicker than adding listing manually.
  • How does it work?
    Download the Listing Upload File > Open File > input your product(s) and all relevant details > Save the File > Go onto the Easy Listing Uploader Website > Click ‘Upload’ Button > Select the File.
    This will then upload all your products into your Etsy Store, with just a 1 click.
  • Is there a minimum Term Contract?
    No. You can subscribe and unsubscribe as and when you want to. However, you may lose any saved data you have on your Listing Upload Tool.
  • Do you offer a Free Trial?
    Yes. Our lowest Subscription level allows you to list up to 10 listings for FREE. This will give you the opportunity to test the software and how it works first.
  • Are you Etsy?
    No, we’re a separate company to Etsy. We use Etsy API to help upload your product information to your Etsy shop.
  • Is my payment is secure?
    Yes. We use PayPal for all transactions, giving you 100% peace of mind.
  • Is my information secure?
    Yes. We take the security of our customer details seriously. Our Website uses SSL Encryption to ensure all data is secure
  • Is it safe to transfer my data from the Listing Upload File to Etsy?
    Yes. We use Etsy’s API to ensure all data is transferred to Etsy Securely, using the correct practices.
  • How do I cancel my subscription? (Why would you want to leave us? 😥)
    To cancel your subscription, simply go to your PayPal ‘Recurring Payments’ section and cancel from there.
    You will still be able to access features until the current billing period has ended.
  • Where can I find the Listing Uploader Tool?
    You can find the tool on Home page or you can Click Here which will take you directly to the page.
  • How can I contact you?
  • How Can I unlink My Etsy Shop?
    You can unlink your Etsy Shop by following the steps below:
    Step 1: Log in & Go to your Etsy Shop Manager
    Step 2: Click on Integrations from the left sidebar
    Step 3: Go to Manage (You will see there all the Integrations connected to your Etsy shop)
    Step 4: Choose the relevant Integration and click 'disconnect'Type a message