How to Use Easy Listing Uploader

Downloading the Listing Uploader Tool:

  1. Sign Up & Select a Plan / Login to your Account
  2. Go to Uploader Tool
  3. Click on the 'Download Listing Template' and Save it to your local drive / DeviceType a message
  4. Open the Worksheet and start Inputting Data

Inputting Data into the Listing Uploader Tool:

Once you’ve downloaded and opened your Listing Uploader worksheet, you can begin inputting data. Please read all the Tabs at the bottom of the Worksheet before starting, in particular the ‘Data Cells Explained’ Tab at the bottom of the Worksheet which will explain what fields are Required and which are optional.

Uploading Data to Your Etsy Shop:

Once you’ve filled out the Easy Listing Uploader worksheet, you’re ready to upload the listings to your Etsy Shop. Depending on how many listings you have Created or are Updating, this may take some time.

To speed up this process, if you have any existing listings in your worksheet, you can select these to ‘don’t_update’. This will ignore these listings and they won’t update, making it quicker for the other listings to update.

How do I Update Existing Listings?

Please check the 'Other Useful Tools' Tab on the Uploader worksheet which explains how to Find your Listing ID & Add it.

Method 1 - The Quick Way:

  1. Using the Easy Listing Uploader. Click 'Download Existing Listings' on your dashboard
  2. Open the Excel Worksheet, Find the Column 'listing_id'
  3. Copy the relevant Listing ID's and paste into your Easy Listing Uploader Worksheet
  4. Fill out the other product details.

Method 2 - The Slower Way:

  1. Go into your Etsy Store
  2. Chose 'Listings' Tab
  3. Chose the relevant listing(s)
  4. Click the Cog / Setting Icon on the Specific Listing > Click Edit.
  5. In the URL there will be a number, usually 9 digit's long at the end, see example below:

We will continue adding Instructions & Helpful Tips but if you need any further assistance, just contact us and we’d love to help!