About Us

About Us

Being Etsy Sellers ourselves, we know first hand how great Etsy can be!
We also know just how time intensive and patience testing it can be when attempting to list multiple products on Etsy.
One listing at a time, one . . by one . . by one . . by one . .

We've also spoken to many other Etsy Sellers who tell us how long the listing process is. How it 'put's them off' and 'holds them back' from adding more products to their Etsy Shop.
In fact, personally - that's what held us back from selling on Etsy Sooner!

That’s why we’ve developed Easy Listing Uploader – a cost effective, Listing Uploader Tool - for Etsy Sellers!
Helping YOU to upload more products, quicker. With more products listed, you increase your chances of making more sales and therefore making More Money!

Easy Listing Uploader has Multiple Features, including:
-- Create New Listings
-- Update Existing Listings (Title, Description, Quantity)
-- Download Existing Etsy Listings into CSV File
-- Etsy Sales & Fee's Calculator
. . . And Much More!

In the testing phase, we experimented with just how much time Easy Listing Uploader could save Etsy Sellers when listing products.

We had 235 Products to List.

On Average it took us approx 20 minutes per listing when listing manually on Etsy (20 minutes x 235 products = 78hrs (approx.)

Using Easy Listing Uploader. We created 235 listings + added product details + Images from URL Link in just 3 hours! - This makes it less than 8 minutes per listing

So, how does it work. . .

  • Download the Easy Listing Uploader Worksheet from your Dashboard Page.
  • Save the Easy Listing Uploader Tool to your computer and then open the Easy Listing Uploader Worksheet
  • Once open, you’ll see the relevant columns to fill out. Make sure to read the Instructions tabs at the bottom of the worksheet before you start adding your listings and item details.
    The Instructions will explain everything you need to know. Including the colour codes on the worksheet and what information is Required, Optional or Variation.
  • Fill in all the relevant listing details. (Try to provide as much information as you can - The more details you fill in can help your listing show higher in Etsy search results)
  • Add as many listings to the worksheet as you wish
  • Once you have finished adding your listings and details, Save the Worksheet and close the file
  • Return back to the Easy Listing Uploader Website. Find the Upload File Button on your account Dashboard & click the ‘Upload File’ Button
  • Choose the Easy Listing Uploader File from your device and then click ‘Upload’
  • This will then upload all your products in Bulk to your Etsy Shop
    (Note: When uploading larger volume of listings (Over 250) - it may take longer than normal to update in your Etsy Shop. Please allow upto 6 hours for your listings to upload)